Get into Soul alignment, activate your genius and Quantum leap your LUXE Sol Life!

BEing Alohi High End Coaching

Leimomi helps Leaders connect to their soul blueprint, so they get in alignment with their uniquely genius and activate more wealth, flow, connection and freedom in their lives. Clearing the path of least resistance to your best aligned life. Utilizing your akashic records to bring out your genius. Revamping and up leveling your brand as a High ticket Leader aligned to your soul purpose archetype. Doing Psychic Soul alignment Coaching & mentoring to create a Luxe Soul life.

BEing Alohi Academy

As a psychic Leimomi does Akashic records readings, healings, clearings to certify leaders in her academy to activate their own higher psychic abilities utilizing their light body and multidimensional levels of their soul. Her academy give the tools utilizing her signature Akashic records Soul alignment blueprints & Multidimensional Healer Certification Coaching & Healing Modalities. Once your abilities are activated she helps you to create your own Coaching & Healing modality aligned to your Soul blueprint.

BEing Alohi Experience

A one year transformational high end experience to rediscover, activate, revamp, expand and quantum leap into your super power & a Luxe Soul life. Helping you to lead you back into your powerful, feminine, luxury and unique spiritual gifts. Letting your presence, & fierce brand shine brightly.

My name is Leimomi Axea Keliikuli

I am a Multidimensional healer and Psychic, who brings a perfect blend of spirituality, fulfillment, flow back into your business. I have unique abilities and tools to help you get past this lifetime’s struggles and remove the spiritual baggage from your Akashic Records and unlock your full potential.

Let me help you discover, align, and clear / heal your way to Mastering your soul’s gifts! 

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