This is Leimomi

As a little girl I always knew I was psychic, I just didn’t know what that meant until later in my teens. As I was the only one in the family who had precognitions of when my cousins or people in my family would be pregnant. Or when foreseeing other health issues or death. Or just knowing something, but not all the details yet.

?Like the Hawaii volcano was going to massively erupt and burn down communities these past few years. Or that the other eruptions, earthquakes or certain events would be coming.

?I also knew how parts of my life and biz would happen, but not always when. I’ve had to trust my soul over the years.

?Learn the lessons quick because then the next lessons would come stronger if I don’t make the changes.

?Using your psychic or higher psychic abilities is the most natural thing to use in your everyday life, but most people are scared to go there.

?I’d know when a certain timeline was coming to jump into for my clients best life. And we would quantum leap her faster thru the synchronicities, insights and serendipities. But only if she trusted my guidance. Money, opportunities, love, abundance, kids, soulmates. Or even saved marriages or estranged relationships were healed.

?Being psychic is not about just looking at the future there are multiple timelines happening simultaneously at the same time. It’s not about also having choice paralysis where you worry about what’s to come, or what you did yesterday. It’s about the present. What you are doing presently matters more.

?When you develop your higher psychic abilities It’s about utilizing it, we are here to live a Multidimensional life.

Leimomi is originally from a small town in Waianae, Oahu. In her first year in business as a stay at home mom she went to 6 figures, retired her hubby from his 9 to 5 job in the 1st month in her business. In her 2nd year onto multiple 6 figures and went onto to travel the world doing gridwork with her family to raise the consciousness of the earth.

Leimomi helps leaders scale their online businesses to create a freedom lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Her genius is she is an expert in Soul alignment. She can help activate your psychic abilities & help you fine tune quantum leap your genius & create your own healing or coaching modality or sacred work.

She founded her BEing Alohi Academy, LeimomiTV, and her Soul alignment blueprints modality and Multidimensional healer certification programs, BEing Alohi Experience, leading soul alignment business movement. To teach leaders, how to use their super power and their soul alignment blueprints to manifest whatever they want, working 3 to 5 hours a day with time and money freedom.

Leimomi is known for her attunements, clearings, and the magical things she help people create by living a fulfilled life.

Leimomi unschools and worldschools their son Atreo since 2 years old. After traveling the world full time as digital nomads they settled in Sedona Arizona. Free birthing their daughter Suryla, all natural no medical assistance, a home water lotus birthing with just Edward and Leimomi in a true love portal. Atreo was born on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming with the dolphins, pre and post birthing in Kona Hawaii. They created the same transition for their daughter into the physical.

Leimomi and her husband Edward SM Heilbron work together in her biz helping with the techy things in the background and also have their second business in affiliate marketing water business. Edward worked for big corporations in the Netherlands as a Systems Administrator with over 20 years experience helping maintain the networks and systems as well as tech support. As well as 3 years at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea.

My mission is to create sacred space to live in alignment with planet Earth, to be the embodiment of our divinity, and to act as beacons of love. “Aligning to your true super power is the true path to success”

~ Leimomi Axea Keliikuli

~ Inspire. Transform. BE Alohi. ~